Thursday, April 15

Frazetta's Warrior with Ball and Chain

This gorgeous piece of art by Frank Frazetta just popped up for auction at heritage auctions. Got a spare 120,000? If so it could be yours - That's the next bid price.

I was always a fan of Frazetta - he has such an other worldly quality to his work. I think it is in the colors he uses and the way he lays them on the canvas. When I was an early teenager my uncle took me to a record store for my birthday and told me to pick any album I wanted and he would buy it for me. So I chose Molly Hatchet's "Flirtin' with Disaster." I'd never heard them before, I just picked it solely for the cover art. At that time I didn't know Frank Frazetta from Frank Zappa, but I did know that was some kick ass art on that cover.

I took it home and listened to the album and really dug the band too. Score! It was only after staring at the thing for a very long time that I realized the dude's ball is hanging out. Too funny!

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