Tuesday, August 10

My most hated movie

I posted this quick review on IMDB recently, and just thought I'd share the hatred here as well...

Psycho 1998

This is without a doubt the single worst "remake" movie ever, and in fact one of the worst films I've ever seen, period.

Van Sant took everything that was great about the original and bastardized it. Billed as a "shot for shot remake" Gus amateurishly apes the Hitchock film, poorly imitating the original. But that not being bad enough, he also occasionally adds scenes that weren't in the original film - like Norman Bates masturbating while looking through the peep hole at Marion undressing, complete with gratuitous sounds to fully illustrate his not-so subtle action.

This is a ham-fisted clumsy attempt to parrot a much more talented director's work. It isn't art, it isn't clever - it is plagiarism and badly done at that. It adds nothing to the original except color and tacky scenes, and that certainly ain't an improvement.


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  1. I couldn't stand this one much either. It was just such an unnecessary remake.
    Dreaded Dreams
    Petunia Scareum


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