Friday, March 2

Metal Morgue open soon!

Starting next Friday look for, or rather, listen for, a new podcast segment from yours ghouly called The Metal Morgue - "Dissecting the best and worst of horror movies and music that rocks!"

It is a new bi-weekly segment that features Dr. Gangrene's interviews with horror celebreties and musicians as well as reviews of heavy metal horror films - of which there are probably way more than you might realize.
It will be part of the 6 Foot Plus podcast

I'll also feature them on my webpage and over at as well, but only a week or so after they come out. If you want to hear it fresh, you'll have to get the 6 foot Plus Podcast - but trust me, you'll love it. It's a GREAT garage, punk, surf, trash, and metal music show.

The first episode of METAL MORGUE features an interview with Jon Mikl Thor, Canadian rocker and star of the heavy metal horror epic Rock n' Roll Nightmare. Upcoming interviews include Bill Lindsay of Impaler, Director John Fasano, Dee Snider, actor/artist Frank Dietz, Count Lyle from the band Ghoultown, and much more!

Stay tuned here for details!

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