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Wednesday, October 14

Edgar Allan Poe-Down Day #12

 Dr. Gangrene continues the 2020 Halloween countdown with a look at The Simpson's version of THE RAVEN.

Edgar Allan Poe-Down Day #11

 Dr. Gangrene continues the Halloween countdown of the films of Edgar Allan Poe with a look at The Tell-Tale Heart.

Edgar Allan Poe-down Day #10

 Dr. Gangrene's Halloween countdown continues with a look at the 1991 version of The Pit and the Pendulum from director Stuart Gordon.

Edgar Allan Poe-down Day #9

 Dr. Gangrene continues the Halloween countdown with a look at the Roger Corman classic, The Pit and the Pendulum.

Monday, October 12

Nocturne (2020)


Nocturne is part of the Welcome to Blumhouse series of films from Blumhouse Studios, which features 8 films that will debut on Amazon streaming. The first four air this October, the rest in 2021. 


A pair of twin girls named Juliet and Vivian (Sydney Sweeney and Madison Iseman) are enrolled in a prestigious arts school. Vivian is outgoing and popular, while Juliet more reserved and withdrawn. Both are gifted at playing the piano, but Vivian has always been the more successful – and favorite of their parents. When they arrive at the school, they learn that the soloist in the school concerto – a girl named Moria (Ji Eun Hwang) – died a week prior, having committed suicide, and there will be an open competition to decide the new lead. Vivian is the assumed forerunner. One day Juliet stumbles upon a notebook that previously belonged to Moira, her theory book, containing strange drawings, musical notations and messages written backwards. She finds herself drawn to it, and into a world of the supernatural, using it to channel her own talents and try to win the lead in the concerto… 


Nocturne was written and directed by Zu Quirke, who is seriously channeling Suspiria with this tale of a musical academy with a supernatural secret lurking beneath its facade. However, unlike the 1977 Argento film (and its 2018 remake) this one doesn’t lean into the horror element fully, rather swerving at the last second to a more pedestrian ending that, while still good, falls short of the potential it was building toward. The acting is good across the board and Sydney Sweeney really shines in the role of the tormented Juliet. 

Nocturne is a stylish and well-made tale of jealousy, ambition and sibling rivalry. I just wish it had embraced the horror fully. Just before she goes onstage to perform Juliet’s principal tell her to, “Give them hell.” Unfortunately, it didn’t quite go there.

Available on Amazon starting October 13, 2020.

Evil Eye (2020)

Evil Eye is part of the Welcome to Blumhouse series of films from Blumhouse Studios, which features 8 films that will debut on Amazon streaming. The first four air this October, the rest in 2021.

Evil Eye is about a girl named Pallavi (Sunita Mani) who lives alone in the US while her parents live back home in India. Her mother Usha (Sarita Choudhury) worries about her daughter, especially as she’s almost 30 and hasn’t been married. She constantly tries fixing her daughter up and seems overly concerned with the topic, almost to the point of obsession. When Pallavi meets a handsome boy named Sandeep (Omar Maskati ) you’d think her mother would be thrilled, but quite the opposite. She becomes even more concerned, convinced that Sandeep is the reincarnation of the man who attempted to murder her 30 years prior, and who cursed her with the evil eye while she was pregnant.

Evil Eye was originally written by Madhuri Shekar as an audio play that debuted on Audible, where it was on the Best-Seller list. She also wrote the screenplay for the film, which was directed by Elan and Rajeev Dassani, twin brothers who were born right here in Nashville, TN. The story is as much a drama as a horror story, albeit one with supernatural overtones. Both Shekar and the Dassani brothers are of Indian descent, which shows through in the film. It feels authentic to the culture, even to a Westerner like me with little familiarity to it. It was interesting and engaging, even if the ending is a little heavy-handed with social messaging – although to be fair that is probably exactly what many viewers will like best about it. 

Sarita Choudhury was especially good as the matriarch of the family. I looked her up on IMDB and the only film I think I’ve previously seen her in is Lady in the Water, which I really don’t remember that well. I hope to see her in more movies though, she was great, as were all of the cast. Produced by Amazon Studios in conjunction with Blumhouse Productions. Available on Amazon starting October 13, 2020.

Sunday, October 11

Friday, October 9

New Blumhouse VIP Premieres!

Do you want to see a VIP screening of 2 new Blumhouse films? 

If so, just let me know which of the following two films - NOCTURNE and EVIL EYE - you'd like to see, by posting in the comments here or emailing me at drgangrene@hotmail.com. I'll choose winners and email the code to see these films, which screen at 8:30ct Monday the 12th, a day before it premieres on Amazon.

More details below!

Amazon Studios has two VIP virtual world premieres on Monday at 8:30 CT, and I have some access codes to give away! The two films, NOCTURNE and EVIL EYE, are part of the Welcome to the Blumhouse (Jason Blum) series of new horror films coming to Prime Video, and this interactive screening is your chance to see it before anyone else, all from the safety of your own home. The VIP premieres also includes a post-film after party, where you can solve mysteries, listen to live music and ‘Explore the Virtual Blumhouse’ on your computer. The screenings happen at the same time, so you must choose your film you’d like a code to. Comment below your film of choice and I’ll choose some winners to send the codes to! #WelcomeToTheBlumhouse

Dr. Gangrene movie screening at the Franklin Drive-in


The new Dr. Gangrene anthology film TALES FROM PARTS UNKNOWN is screening next Saturday, October 17th at the Franklin Drive-in! 

Come out and catch this film under the stars with a pair of zombie classics - RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD!! The event will be hosted by the Physician of Fright himself, Dr. Gangrene. 

The Franklin Drive in is located at:

6250 Nashville Rd,
Franklin, KY 42134

Just over the TN state line. So make plans now to shamble out for a night of fright at the Franklin Drive-in!!

Sunday, October 4

Saturday, October 3

Friday, October 2

Edgar Allan Poe-down Day 2


Dr. Gangrene's Halloween countdown of the films of Edgar Allan Poe continues with a look at The Premature Burial, starring Ray Milland.

Thursday, October 1

Edgar Allan Poe-down

Dr. Gangrene continues the tradition of a Halloween countdown - this year's theme is films based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe - an EDGAR ALLAN POE-DOWN!! All October we'll present a video a day looking at a different Poe movie or TV episode.

The countdown kicks off with a look at the made for TV special, An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe.

Thursday, September 24

Tales from Parts Unknown Press Release

Reviewers interested in seeing the film please contact drgangrene@hotmail.com

Nashville, TN (09.24.2020) Red Headed Revolution in association with Shackle Island Studios and Dunn & Dunn Productions is kicking off the Halloween season with a new horror anthology film -Tales from Parts Unknown.

Tales from Parts Unknown is a feature-length anthology film presenting four tales of terror directed by Cameron McCasland and hosted by the Physician of Fright, Dr. Gangrene (Nashville, TN horror host Dr. Gangrene, played by Larry Underwood). The pair share the writing credits on the screenplay with the title of the film derived from Underwood's short story collection of the same name, in which one of the stories originated. 

Underwood & McCasland are bringing their long-standing brand of horror to the drive-in screens for the first time after multiple collaborations on television including the Emmy nominated Green with Dr. Gangrene PSA series, the half-hour Dr. Gangrene Presents, the made for TV movieThe Dreadful Hallowgreen Special, and the freshly produced Dr. Gangrene’s Cinetarium, which currently is airing its second season on the NECAT Network.

Two of the stories, Tailypo and The Prisoner of Perdition, toured film festivals, racking up over 50 awards and nominations including the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award for Best Short Film and an Emmy nomination. They are presented along with two never before seen shorts (Retrieval Service and The Rider) and a wrap-around story.

In addition to Underwood appearing as Dr. Gangrene, the movie stars David Chattam (Star Trek: Picard), Wynn Reichert (Masterminds), Rebecca Lines (The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It), John Wells (Legends & Lies) Lee Vervoort (The Walking Dead), Kenneth Garner (Still the King), Wendy Keeling (Clown College), and Rusty James (Haven).

Tales from Parts Unknown will premiere during the Creepy Cruise-In at the Georgetown Drive-in in Georgetown, Indiana on October 3rd, and select drive-ins and special engagements in the following weeks. The event will be hosted by Dr. Gangrene in person with a classic car show and giveaways. For more information check out drgangrene.com

Thursday, July 9

Eegah, the Name Written in Blood!

On this week's episode of Dr. Gangrene's Cinetarium we get prehistoric with EEGAH, the Name Written in Blood - Saturday at 9pm central on Nashville Necat CH9, necatnetwork.org and the Necat Roku channel.

Thursday, July 2

Legacy of Blood

This week on Dr. Gangrene's Cinetarium, it's the 1971 film LEGACY OF BLOOD, starring John Carradine. Saturday 7-4-20 at 9pm central on Nashville's Arts CH9, http://www.necatwork.org, and the Necat Roku Channel.


Saturday, May 23

Man in the Attic

This week on Dr. Gangrene's Cinetarium, it's the 1953 Jack the Ripper thriller Man in the Attic, starring Jack Palance.

Saturday, May 16

Sound of Horror

This week's movie on Dr. Gangrene's Cinetarium is a real SCREAM - it's The Sound of Horror (1966)

Wednesday, April 8

Symbiosis 2012 on Dr. Gangrene's Cinetarium

This week on Dr. Gangrene's Cinetarium - Symbiosis (2012)

Sat April 11th at 9pm central on Music City Arts CH9, and simulcast on necatnetwork.org and the Necat Roku Channel (just search for Necat).

Saturday, February 8

Dr. Gangrene's Cinetarium back on the Scarewaves!


Greetings Fright Fans! Dr. Gangrene here with a big announcement. Dr. Gangrene's Cinetarium is back on the scarewaves! It airs every Saturday night at 9pm central on Nashville's Necat Arts CH9, featuring yours ghouly hosting a film from the vaults here on Shackle Island.

You have several options to tune in. In the Nashville area you can see it on Comcast CH9. Outside the viewing area watch streaming on the website, http://www.necatnetwork.org or if you have a Roku player you can watch it streaming there just search for "necat" on the channels and click on the Arts channel stream Sat at 9pm central.

Dr. Gangrene's Cinetarium - Where all the movies are Mad!

Thursday, February 6

Rondo Roundup

Good News Fright Fans!

This year's Rondo Award ballot has been announced, and I'm honored to have been nominated in FOUR categories!

Favorite Horror Host
Best Column
Best Interview
Best Website

The Rondos are a fan-voted award for horror excellence. If you'd like to help us bring a Rondo home to Shackle Island, simply email taraco@aol.com and tell them you'd like to vote for Dr. Gangrene in these categories.

You can check out the full ballot at www.rondoaward.com
Stay Mad!

Wednesday, January 1

Hindsight is 2020

As we close out the 2010s it seems natural to reflect back on the past decade. The 2010s were certainly a decade of change for me, both personally and professionally. On the personal front, an 18 year marriage ended in 2012. My TV show, Dr. Gangrene Presents, also stopped airing on Nashville’s CW station that same year. My dad passed away in 2017 and my biological father the following year. I lost 2 dogs in the span of 2 months in 2017 as well, including my best buddy Buster the dachshund.

 But, offsetting all of that, I have actually been more productive than I have been in YEARS. In 2013 I wrote a number of short stories, most of which were published in various outlets, and I published a short story collection called Dr. Gangrene’s Tales from Parts Unknown in 2014. I completed a Youtube series called The Fantastic Films of Vincent Price where I made a video for every single Vincent Price movie. I won 5 Rondo Awards in the 2010s, hosted movies at 2 drive-ins (including the annual Creepy Cruise-in in Georgetown, IN), kept our Horror Hootenanny punk show going (16 years and counting) and hosted the annual live show at Wonderfest with a number of special guests including Caroline Munro, Sara Karloff, Victoria Price, Bill Malone, and John Amplas.

2019 was my 20th Anniversary as a TV horror host. The first episode aired on July 1, 1999. To celebrate the event Dr. Gangrene returned to the Nashville scarewaves with a new show called Dr. Gangrene’s Cinetarium, which aired each week in October on Nashville’s CW 58 at 7pm Saturday nights.

This year I also: Won a Rondo Award for Best Column in Scary Monsters Magazine

 Published 78 Youtube videos

 Wrote 5 Scary Monsters Interviews:
#112 - Don Glut (who went on to win a Rondo)
#113 - Caroline Munro, Veronica Carlson, Martine Beswicke
#114 - Norman Cabrera
#115 - Joshua Kennedy
#116 - Bruce Campbell (Jan 2020)

 Horror Hootenanny #16

 Hosted the 4th annual Creepy Cruise-in drive-in event.

 And I made other personal appearances, live-hostings and podcast guest appearances.

 Next year promises to be another good one, and I have some big plans for the following months. But more on that later! Thank you all for your continued support, I appreciate each and every one of you groovy monster kids from the bottom of my gangrenous heart.