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Friday, October 27

Halloween Viewing

So what did I watch last night? Started out with the Nashville Predators hockey game (which they won, thank you very much) then followed that up with the South Park 2006 Halloween episode. It was hilarious! Satan was throwing a Halloween Bash and the whole thing was a take off on the MTV show My Super Sweet 16. Genius! Watched a little of the 100 scariest moments countdown, then headed to bed!

Thursday, October 26

Masters of Horror Season 2

The second season of the acclaimed horror series Masters of Horror starts this Friday, October 27th at 10pm ET. It airs on Showtime and this season looks to be just as much horrific fun as the first season. First up is “The Damned Thing”, and it is inspired by Ambrose Bierce's classic short-story and written by Richard Matheson. Here's the official description below:

- 10/27/2006
An unknown monstrous force descends upon a small Texas town, turning husband against wife, brother against sister, parent against child. Tortured by his own tragic past, Sheriff Kevin Reddle (SEAN PATRICK FLANERY) must overcome his horrific rage if he is to restore order. MARISA COUGHLAN and TED RAIMI also star in this apocalyptic tale of terror.

This episode will be directed by Tobe Hooper (“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “Poltergeist”). Overall this year's series looks to be a lot of fun, and again includes such well known names in the director's helm as Dario Argento, John Carpenter , Joe Dante, Stuart Gordon , Tobe Hooper, and John Landis, among others. For more information go to:


I started this blog over again here, and plan to post some thoughts here from time to time. Next week is Halloween, and what better time of the year to start a fresh blog, eh? Plan to watch some great horror viewing tonight - not sure what just yet, but perhaps the 75th anniversary Frankenstein dvd. Universal keeps repackaging these old classics, and folks like us keep buying them, don't we? But that's what being a fan is all about!