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Saturday, August 25

Dr. Gangrene Presents - A Snapshot of Terror

Here's another episode of Dr. Gangrene Presents, from 1959 - Written and directed by Curt Siodmak.

Don (John Crawford) is a photographer with no respect for women. He heads on vacation to relax his overstressed mind, but ends up murdering a beautiful and strange woman he meets there. Once back home he can't seem to be free of this haunting woman...

Saturday, August 11

Chiller Cinema #30 - When the Doctor's Away...

In this episode of Chiller Cinema Dr. Gangrene visits the Nashville Horror Festival, and interviews Dick Warlock, artist Jeff Pittarelli, and others, while Nurse Deadbody holds things down on Shackle Island. Originally aired 11-09-2000.


Thursday, August 9

Defy Festival 3

I found out about this upcoming film festival recently that sounds pretty cool, and wanted to pass the info along. 

It's the Defy Film Festival, in its 3rd year - Short films screen early in the evening followed by a feature-length Japanese horror film called "To Tokyo". It's at Studio 615, which I haven't been to yet, in Nashville, TN.

Friday, August 24th, starts at 6pm for the short films, feature starts at 8:30.


Saturday, August 4

Chiller Cinema - 1999 Maddest Moments

Here's one from the vaults, a Best of Season One (1999) episode. It originally aired September 21, 2000. br />