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Thursday, May 28

Dr. Gangrene Mentioned in another article

This time around it was an article about American Scary, the wonderful TV Horror Host documentary done by Sandy Clark and John Hudgens. It is a nice article that ran over at Killerfilm.com - check it out, and be sure to get a copy of American Scary - it's really a terric documentary!!

Sunday, May 24

Dr Gangrene's Movie of the week - ep 6

This week's Recommended movie of the week is THE BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS - starring the one and only John Agar!! Also in this one is a new music video put together by yours truly for the song JOHN AGAR RULES by The Dead Elvi!

Saturday, May 23

Wednesday, May 20

Newsarama web mention

Dr. Gangrene was mentioned in a blog recently - it was over at News-a-rama, in an article about a possible Fright Night remake.


I personally don't like the idea of remaking this one... why would you? It is a perfect piece of 80s horror history, well made, fun - they got it right. Any remake just will be a lesser quality movie.

But I'll probably go see it, which is why, ultimately, they probably WILL remake it.