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Friday, January 24

Creepsville 13 CD

Hey fright fans! Here's a kick-ass CD you ghouls will love. It is a tribute album to the band Forbidden Dimension, who headlined the Horror Hootenanny in 2012. Put together by Strange Jason, the brains behind the Six Foot Plus podcast, Creepsville 13 is a collection of songs from 19 bands, each doing a cover of a Forbidden Dimension track. Press release is below for more info, as well as links where to buy it.
By the way, all profits go to the Calgary Humane Society. How cool is that?!!
(The Invisible Dimension – October 2013) Despite the efforts of all sane members of the scientific and artistic community, CREEPSVILLE ’13: A TRIBUTE TO FORBIDDEN DIMENSION was released among the unsuspecting masses at www.creepsville13.com. Nineteen bands came together to pay tribute to FORBIDDEN DIMENSION, in honor of the Calgary horror-rock band’s 25th Anniversary.

Started in 1988 by Jackson Phibes, Forbidden Dimension has championed both the horror-monster mentality as well as the independent spirit that has propelled the band, still active, through a quarter-of-a-century. Over the course of five CDs, numerous singles, and side projects, Forbidden Dimension have garnered a world-wide cult following for his scary blend of garage rock, punk, and metal with science fictional, ghoulish story telling. Twenty-five years after the initial Into The Forbidden Dimension release, CREEPSVILLE ’13 aims to honor and celebrate the band’s life and accomplishments.

Taking its name from Creepsville ’99, Forbidden Dimension’s sophomore release, CREEPSVILLE ’13 brings together bands from around the world, all who were influenced by Forbidden Dimension’s music. On this compilation, you’ll find: fellow Calgary rockers like CRIPPLE CREEK FAIRIES, EXPLODING PIGS and THE BROWNS; gothic rock juggernauts THE NEW JACOBIN CLUB; blood-and-bluegrass maestro BOB KEELAGHAN from the AGNOSTIC MOUNTAIN GOSPEL CHOIR; the king of horror radio, TOMB DRAGOMIR; surf daddys SKURKARNA and THE DEAD BEAT; Nashville monsters THE CREEPING CRUDS WITH DEAD DICK HAMMER; Northeastern garage creatures THE QUASI-MEN and THE EVIL STREAKS; JIMMY PSYCHO of industrial-horror-punk vanguards PSYCHO CHARGER; grindcore noise felons BREATHE KNIVES; lo-fi hero GHOSTS RUN WILD; Saskatoon scum-rockers SAVAGE HENRY AND THE INFAMOUS ONE POUNDERS and THE GREAT SHAKIN’ FEVERS; and the next generation of independent creeps, SOLID SILVER and MUMMULA.

Proving that monsters have a heart, all profits from the initial sale of CREEPSVILLE ’13 benefit to the Calgary Humane Society (http://www.calgaryhumane.ca/)

CREEPSVILLE ’13: A TRIBUTE TO FORBIDDEN DIMENSION can be ordered today at www.creepsville13.com. Purchase of CD (shipping 10/21) includes immediate download of CREEPSVILLE ’13.

Wednesday, January 1

Fundraiser Campaign I hope you guys will support

I haven't promoted a lot of fundraiser campaigns over the years, as I either didn't know the filmmakers personally or anything about the project, and therefore it was difficult for me to vouch for the people behind them. I've softened my stance toward them a little over the last few months, and even had some folks hold one that involved my character as the host of a comic book, a horror anthology book, which was pretty cool. But the fundraiser campaign I'm about to mention is way more special and important than any of the ones I've mentioned before, and I wanted to share it in hopes you might be able to contribute in some way...

Danielle and Magoo Gelehrter are a married couple who are really close friends of mine. They also happen to be TV horror hosts like myself, hosts of the 2-time Rondo Award winning (for best horror Host) show SHILLING SHOCKERS, where they portray hosts Penny Dreadful and Garou the werewolf.

 I first met Danielle and Magoo at Wonderfest in Louisville and we hit it off immediately, becoming fast friends.  We stayed in touch, and in 2010 we made the Dreadful Hallowgreen Special together, a short film/crossover combining their hosts and Dr. Gangrene in an adventure to save Halloween. It was great fun making the movie and the working relationship couldn't have been easier.

Magoo (yes that's his real name) was diagnosed with Cancer in October 2012, and has been battling it ever since. They have incurred tremendous medical bills in the process, naturally, and that is what this fundraiser is all about - helping out some really terrific folks in their time of need. If you talk to anyone who has ever met Danielle or Magoo in person the first thing you hear is about what nice people they are. And it's true. They are two of the kindest and most generous folks you'll meet, and they make a fantastic show, too.

So I'm asking for your help. If you can give anything, please consider clicking this link and doing so:


Over the years I've met some of the nicest people at horror conventions. The horror community is an amazing collection of people, and I know you guys can help. Doesn't matter the size of the donation, every little bit helps. Unfortunately Magoo is unable to work because of his condition and the toll his treatment is taking onhim. So they can use all the help they can get.

To find out more about this campaign go to: http://www.gofundme.com/5wdoy8

To learn more about their TV Show, Shilling Shockers, and to purchase copies of their show, go to:

Thanks again,
Larry Underwood, aka Dr. Gangrene