Friday, January 16

Dr. Gangrene inducted into the Horror Host Hall of Fame

 It is my great pleasure to announce that yours ghouly has been inducted into the HORROR HOST HALL OF FAME.

 This year was the first that they added a new category, New school ghoul, and I'm honored to win. thanks so much to everyone who voted for me.

This is also doubly-sweet because this year the host I grew up watching, Sir Cecil Creape, is also being inducted, so I'll be giving the speech for HIS induction while I'm there, too!

 Here's the full list of the 2015 inductees:

Ok it (finally) is. The inductees for the 2015 Horror Host Hall of Fame! Congratulations to everyone!

Baron Von Wolfstein
Bob Hoolihan Wells
Count Frightenstein
Gilbert Gottfired
Rhonda Shear
Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu, Josh "J Elvis" Weinstein (MSTK)
Misty Brew
Sir Cecil Creape
Super Host

New School Ghoul:  Dr. Gangrene

Behind the Screams:
American Scary
The Horror Host Underground


  1. I'm thrilled to hear both of you are being inducted into the...wait a minute. There's a Horror Host Hall of Fame? ROAD TRIP!

    1. Thanks Christopher! Unfortunately there is no physical building yet, but here's hoping for the future!


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