Thursday, January 22

Horror Host Portraits by Artist Bradley Beard

I wanted to introduce you viewers to an artist named Bradley Beard, who is doing something pretty neat - a drawing a day, posted on Facebook. He began his series on October 1st, 2014, doing character portraits from Horror and Sci-fi movies...


Originally scheduled as a 30-Day challenge, he decided to continue the experiment, and eventually switched the focus of his series to featuring horror hosts each day, with spectacular results...

I was honored to be his most recent test subject, for day 113 of his art challenge. Thanks so much, Bradley - these are fantastic!! Keep up the great work!

Stop by Bradley's Facebook page and check out all his work, and be sure to tell him Dr. Gangrene sent ya!!


  1. Bradley Beard's art is very "early 70s pop art" and I love it!


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