Wednesday, January 11

One Step Beyond - the Open Window

I posted an episode of my Dr. Gangrene Presents online recently - some of those old ONE STEP BEYONDepisode were pretty good. they tended to lean toward supposed real-life supernatural events, rather than the more Sci-fi and fantastical stories in The Twilight Zone. It was an interesting series, and I hosted a number of them on my DR. GANGRENE PRESENTS series, as they are in the public domain. This one is called THE OPEN WINDOW, and is more than a little reminiscent of Hitchcock's REAR WINDOW

Host Segments: Segment 1: 0:23 Segment 2: 10:18 Segment 3: 10:39 Segment 4: 19:22 Segment 5: 23:51

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