Thursday, January 22

Horror Host Portraits by Artist Bradley Beard

I wanted to introduce you viewers to an artist named Bradley Beard, who is doing something pretty neat - a drawing a day, posted on Facebook. He began his series on October 1st, 2014, doing character portraits from Horror and Sci-fi movies...


Originally scheduled as a 30-Day challenge, he decided to continue the experiment, and eventually switched the focus of his series to featuring horror hosts each day, with spectacular results...

I was honored to be his most recent test subject, for day 113 of his art challenge. Thanks so much, Bradley - these are fantastic!! Keep up the great work!

Stop by Bradley's Facebook page and check out all his work, and be sure to tell him Dr. Gangrene sent ya!!

Friday, January 16

Dr. Gangrene inducted into the Horror Host Hall of Fame

 It is my great pleasure to announce that yours ghouly has been inducted into the HORROR HOST HALL OF FAME.

 This year was the first that they added a new category, New school ghoul, and I'm honored to win. thanks so much to everyone who voted for me.

This is also doubly-sweet because this year the host I grew up watching, Sir Cecil Creape, is also being inducted, so I'll be giving the speech for HIS induction while I'm there, too!

 Here's the full list of the 2015 inductees:

Ok it (finally) is. The inductees for the 2015 Horror Host Hall of Fame! Congratulations to everyone!

Baron Von Wolfstein
Bob Hoolihan Wells
Count Frightenstein
Gilbert Gottfired
Rhonda Shear
Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu, Josh "J Elvis" Weinstein (MSTK)
Misty Brew
Sir Cecil Creape
Super Host

New School Ghoul:  Dr. Gangrene

Behind the Screams:
American Scary
The Horror Host Underground

Thursday, January 15

Interview with Mani Yack Artist Jeff Carlson

Greetings Fright Fans! Recently it was my pleasure to make the acquaintance of artist and monster movie lover extraordinaire Jeff Carlson. He has been doing a series of monster-themed merchandise based on the old 70s Mani Yack style designs, and they’re really awesome. I thought I’d invite him into the lab here for a chat…

Dr. Gangrene - Hi Jeff, thanks for joining me here on Shackle Island for this interview. Hope the zombies in the graveyard didn't give you too much trouble...

Jeff - Zombies are driven by a craving for brains, right? Then I've got nothing to worry about.

Doc G - So tell me about Mani Yack artwork. I understand it is something that originated in the 60s, classic iron-on decals and monster designs, if I'm not mistaken? Where did the name Mani-Yack come from?

Jeff - Honestly, there's not a lot to be said about the origins of the vintage "Mani-Yack" stuff. The old company was based on the East Coast and put out a lot of these iron-on transfer designs . . . mostly sports related stuff. They only did six Universal monster ones.

Many years ago, I had a set of the original transfers. I used to be a big collector. Anyway, the vintage pieces were too valuable to actually put on a shirt but, being in the graphic design business, I had them professionally scanned and offered them as new heat transfers.

Jeff - People went crazy for them. I couldn't keep them in stock. At about the same time, several people mentioned how cool it would have been if they'd originally done more monster designs besides just the first. Being a commercial illustrator by profession, I took the idea and ran with it. The first new "tribute" designs I did were of Dr. Phibes and Vincent Price. The rest, as they say, is history. Now my library of new "Mani-Yack" monster images is over 40!

Doc G – That’s fantastic – I noticed you have a Zacherley one – are you a big horror host fan, and did you have one in your area growing up?

Jeff - Yes, I've been a life-long fan of horror-hosted movies. I grew up in Central Illinois in the 1970's . . . where we were treated to several different programs, Svengoolie being the best one.

Doc G - You talking the original Sven, Jerry G. Bishop, or Son of (later to become just Svengoolie) Rich Coz? Both really are top notch, honestly.

Jeff - Jerry G. was before my time. Many years later, I'd have the pleasure of meeting Rich (Svengoolie) Koz. For a while, I was the unofficial cartoonist for a Yahoo group dedicated to the him! I still occasionally submit drawings to his FB page. It's great to see him nationally syndicated now.
We had a couple other "Creature Feature" types shows . . . . the only one worth mentioning would be the Chuck Acri hosted one. He didn't dress up or anything but he did run pre-recorded monster skits by some other characters.

Doc G - Tell me about your art background. What were some of your early influences?

Jeff - Early influence . . . comics. Specifically, the early Swamp Thing and the work of Berni Wrightson. TV shows like Kolchak and Night Gallery made a huge impact on me as well. So much great stuff growing up in the 1970's! I also do some prop making. Quite proud of my "Medallion of Dracula" and "Amulet of Kharis".

Doc G - Very cool! Have you done any work in films?

Jeff - Not exactly . . . but one of my Dracula medallions did get used recently in the Amy Heckerling film VAMPS. Malcolm MacDowell wears my piece throughout the entire film.

Doc G - How cool is that?! So are there any actors or monsters you’ve been wanting to do a mani Yak of but haven’t gotten around to yet?

Jeff - Oh, yeah . . . I've got a growing list of Mani-Yack candidates. I've had a few private commissions of these recently too. I like to do the more obscure B-movie characters. Right now, I'm knocking around a Thriller/Michael Jackson sketch as well as Lurch from the classic TV series.
Thanks for having me, Doc.

Doc G - Absolutely, thanks for stopping in. Feel free to grab a spare brain off the shelf there to toss to the zombies on your way out.

Jeff - Much appreciated! You've got quite a selection to choose from.

Doc G - They seem to like the bad brains the best… don’t we all? And keep me posted on all your future endeavors!

Jeff - Will do. There's always something cool being cooked-up over at Mani-Yack Headquarters.

Speaking of which, let me give you guys some links to where you can check out all the awesome work from Jeff, and pick up some cool Mani Yak goodies for yourself.

Firstoff is the Facebook group, always a good place to connect with jeff directly as well as other Mani Yak fans:

Next is Red Bubble, which features some cool products, such as pillows and wallets:

And lastly is Ebay, where he has a horde of goodies just waiting for a home:

Monday, January 12

Horror Host Tribute Video

Check out this awesome music video from my buddy Jeano Roid of The Creeping Cruds, featuring DJ Bonebreak of X on drums, Jeano on guitar. This is Jeano's tribute to horror hosts and old school horror - good stuff!

Friday, December 19

The Beyond Screening in Nashville, 35mm!

Good News, fright fans - Grindhouse Releasing is bringing Lucio Fulci's supernatural masterpiece THE BEYOND to the big screen in Nashville, TN in glorious 35mm.

The gruesome gathering takes place Feb 20th and 21st at the mighty BELCOURT THEATER - show times to be announced, so stay tuned to the Belcourt's website

Also equally exciting is the news that Grindhouse Releasing is putting this long-overdue Fulci classic out on Bluray, and they're doing it up right, rerleasing it on a 3-disc set with GLOW-IN-THE-DARK artwork housing two Blu-ray discs and a bonus CD of the classic Fabio Frizzi soundtrack, remastered from the original studio tapes.

It hits stores Feb 10, 2015. Preorder it here

Tuesday, December 16

Scary Monsters Magazine #94

In this column Dr. Gangrene pays tribute to the late Garou the Wolfman, cohost of fellow horror host Penny Dreadful's show Shilling Shockers in Boston, by taking a look at one of his favorite werewolf movies, the lesser-known The Legend of the Werewolf, from 1975

Interview with Forest J. Ackerman

In the March, 2013 issue of  Scary Monsters Magazine #86, Monster Memories, Dr. Gangrene presented a transcribed interview with Mr. Sci-fi himself, the one and only forest J. Ackerman. This took place July 29th, 2000 in louisville KY, at the last Rivercon convention.

Scary Monsters Magazine #88

In this issue of Scary Monsters Magazine from june, 2013, Dr. Gangrene interviewed his fellow horror host and good friend, the legendary Count Gore DeVol.



Monday, December 15

Scary Monsters #84 - White Zombie and the Lure of Legendre

In this issue of Scary Monsters Magaxzine from October 2012 Dr. Gangrene took a trip back in time to 1932 with the film White Zombie, starring Bela Lugosi. He also spoke with filmmaker Jared Rivet about the proposed remake of White Zombie with Director Tobe Hooper that ALMOST happened, and what stars would have possible filled the cape of Lugosi in the role of Murder Legendre.

(click to enlarge pages)

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