Friday, December 11

Dr. Gangrene interviewed on Dr. Destruction's Radio show

I did a radio interview last night – it was with fellow horror host Dr. Destruction. He has a radio show on AM radio (WLIP) in Kenosha Wisconsin called Dr. Destruction's Big Top Radio. It was a fun chat and will air tomorrow, Sat. Dec. 12th at 2pm central time.

You can listen online here:

So the weather is pretty damn cold right now. We shot our upcoming Christmas special Monday evening – it was down in the 40s that night, which was a break. Our studio isn’t heated or air conditioned, so any break in the weather is fortunate! Last night was down in the 30s and even colder weather is on the way. I am not so much a winter weather guy. I like spring and fall. If it could average in the 70s-80s year round I’d be pretty happy. Guess I need to move somewhere to get that dream weather though, which ain’t gonna happen. I’m a Tennessee boy – born and raised here in the Nashville area. One thing you get used to here this time of year is not knowing day to day what to expect weather-wise. Keeps things interesting!

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