Wednesday, July 8

Marvel/Sony Spider-Man Casting News

Seriously Marvel/Sony? Seriously?

When I first heard the news of the new crossover deal for the character I was elated. FINALLY the horrendous Webb/Garfield version was being put to a quick death. THAT was a train wreck. I hoped the new version would properly correct the course. But then you cast actor Tom Holland, a 19 year old kid who looks easily three to four years younger in the role.

OK, I'm willing to give him a chance. Maybe he'll be presented in a way that works. I'll give it a chance.

Then I learned the news that Peter will still be in High School. Seriously? He was only in High School for the first 28 issues out of the 700 or so issues of Amazing Spider-man.  He graduated High School in issue #28, published Sept. 1965. Yet for some reason the studios are hung up on making him a high school kid.

At this point serious red flags are going up all over. Now today, the final straw. They have announced casting of Aunt May, and they cast - Marisa Tomei. Please, someone, come to your senses.

Here is a picture of Aunt May and Uncle Ben, Pete's elderly aunt and uncle who raised him after his parents passed away.

This will be the third actress to play Aunt May on the big screen. The first actress, Rosemary Harris, absolutely was spot on, terrific casting.

Sally Field played the role the second time out. Definitely a departure from the source material, and it didn't work at all for me.

Now Marisa Tomei. I have NO idea what they are thinking. Hopefully it's a rumor, unconfirmed, or perhaps they're floating it out to see what feedback they get back.

Let me give you some of my own. I love Marisa Tomei. Fantastic actress. Totally wrong for this part. C'mon guys, you can do better than this! Hell, she'd be better for MARY JANE than Aunt May!

What this really smacks of is the discrimination against older actresses in Hollywood. Let's go younger, sexier!

I'm sure some of you will counter with "But she's younger in the Ultimates line." Well, let me tell you something - the Ultimates is shit. Pure and simple. I REALLY hope Marvel and Sony come to their senses.

Remember guys - With great power there must also come great responsibility. Don't screw this up again. Please.

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