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Dr. Gangrene T-shirt

Sizes - S, M, L, XL

$15.00 - free shipping

Show the world just how mad you are with
this slime green t-shirt featuring the physician
of fright! You'll be the envy of the laboratory!

Dr. Gangrene's
Bumper Sticker

$2.00 - FREE shipping

Go Mad on the road with this
Cinetarium bumper sticker.

Horror Hootenanny CD

$6.66 - FREE Shipping

Mad Music from the first 10 years
of Dr. Gangrene's Horror Hootenanny, featuring
Psychocharger, The Koffin Kats, The Creeping Cruds,
Forbidden Dimension, and much more!

Dr. Gangrene's 

Tales from Parts Unknown
Short Story Collection

$7.00 FREE Shipping

"Reads like a literary Tales from the Crypt"
- Rue Morgue Magazine

A collection of 14 mad tales written
by the Physician of Fright himself,
Dr. Gangrene.

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