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Thursday, May 19

We Dare you to see it... We double-dare you to forget it!

Poster for The Revenge of Frankenstein, the Hammer follow up to Curse of Frankenstein. Gotta love that tagline! This sequel to the first Hammer Frankenstein picks up right where the original leaves off. The Baron is headed for the gullotine. We see the blade drop and the scene cuts to a pair of graverobbers trying to make a quick buck exhuming a body. They are interrupted by none other than the baron himself - who has escaped the grave.

This is a really good movie and I appreciate that it is a direct sequel. After this one the continuity is tossed out the window, which is a shame. Other than the fact that Cushing plays the Baron in each there is little to tie the movies together. The monster is something of a dissapointment in this one - not really all that monstrous looking. Frankenstein transplants the brain of his hunchbacked, crippled assistant into the body he's created. But plans run awry, as one might suspect. "If they'd only leave me alone to work," screams Frankenstein. Indeed.

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