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Thursday, September 3

Vincent Price Personal Memorabilia

I was talking with my friend Robert Taylor recently, and the topic of some of Price's personal memorabilia came up. Robert owns a ton of personal items that were owned by Vincent himself, and the following pictures are some I thought I'd share - with Robert's permission.

Below you see a collection of books -the ones in back were all owned by Vincent Price, and are mostly art books. According to Robert, Vincent signed the inside of every book he owned. The ones in front are Robert's own books by, or about, Vincent.

We were talking specifically about the book that Vincent wrote, THE BOOK OF JOE, dedicated to his favorite pet, his beloved dog Joe. Below is Price's personal copy of that book, as well as a few other books that WERE CHEWED BY JOE. The pup was cutting his teeth, and apparently chose to do so on Vincent's books. I can't imagine he was really upset about it, though!

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