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Wednesday, June 29

Cemetery Plots #2

My buddy Dan Johnson and the folks at Empire Comics Lab have released Issue 2 of their horror anthology CEMETERY PLOTS! Full info below, digital download available for just a buck!! Check it out!


Can You Dig It!? Cemetery Plots #2 Is Here! Press Release from Empire Comics Lab- Monday, June 27, 2016 The mad scientists at Empire Comics Lab have been hard at work preparing the second issue of Cemetery Plots, the company’s premiere horror anthology, and they are now ready to unleash it upon the world.

Cemetery Plots #2 contains three brand new stories that are guaranteed to chill your blood. First up is the terror tale, “Not Wrapped Tight,” about a female mummy who longs to return to the land of the living. Unfortunately for her, her long-suffering mate prefers the peace and quiet of the afterlife. Next is “120,” and, despite its title, this story is nothing you would call ‘by the numbers.’ Set in a future where robots have the final say in all matters, “120” was written by Roger McKenzie of Captain America and Daredevil fame. The final fright fest in this issue is “Thanksgiving.” Set in the old west, this is the story of two outlaws who stumble upon an isolated town in the mountains and find out too late that this paradise will be their doom.

Cemetery Plots #2 also features a special sneak peek at Empire Comics Lab’s upcoming web comic, Two Sentence Horror Stories. Rounding out this issue is a special prologue and epilogue where the book’s host, D.O. Mann, welcomes the reader to his domain, River Shore Cemetery, and gives them a chilling tour of the grounds. Empire Comics Lab is extremely proud of their latest offering and of the talented writers and artists that joined forces to bring this second issue together.

Besides McKenzie, the book features contributions by Will Boyer, Brandon Bullock, Daniel Gorman, Dan Johnson, Barbara Kaalberg, Andy Korty, Marvin Mann and Gary O’Donnell, with a cover by Paul Tuma. Cemetery Plots #2 is available for digital download at this time from the company’s website, www.empirecomicslab.com

Digital copies of Cemetery Plots #2 are just $1.00 for a limited time, and will be available at this low price until the print copies are available in mid-September. Also, for a limited time, readers can purchase a special combo pack featuring digital copies of Cemetery Plots #1 and #2 for just $3.00.

For additional information about Cemetery Plots and Empire Comics Lab, contact Dan Johnson at danielbryanjohnson@hotmail.com or Andy Korty at ECLeditors@gmail.com.

Visit us at www.EmpireComicsLab.com and Twitter: @EmpireComicsLab. Be sure to Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/cemeteryplots

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