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Wednesday, January 10

Benedictine the Mad Monk - 80s Nashville Horror Host

Here's a fun one. I've had this footage for some time now, not sure exactly where I got it. But I dug it out and got to looking, and realized this was a horror host from Nashville TN. He is called Benedictine the Mad Monk, and his show aired on WZTV Nashville Ch17. The movie he is hosting was the Hammer film TASTE THE BLOOD OF DRACULA. I was able to piece together the year from clues in the video, and realized it was from 1989.

I posted it on Youtube and asked if anyone has information on the identity of the Mad Monk to please let me know. Sure enough, a viewer chimed in within a day or so and filled me in on the mystery. Turns out this is none other than radio talk show host Phil Valentine! I would never have guessed. Phil himself then posted a comment a couple days later confirming that yes, that was indeed him under the monk's robes. The show only ran for about 3 weeks, which is why so many of us Nashvillians missed it. You can check it out below:


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