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Tuesday, January 24

Coming up in the lab - Man in the Attic

Made in 1953, this film was based on the book The Lodger by Marie Belloc Lowndes, the same source material for Hitchcock's film of the same name (The Lodger 1927). Our film stars good ole Jack Palance in an early role as Mr. Slade, who rents a room in a boarding house in London during the Jack the Ripper slayings. Slade is a bit of an odd duck, and prefers his privacy - but becomes friendly with the niece of the owners of the boarding house, Lily (Constance Smith). As the killings continue, people begin to grow suspicious of the odd Slade - but does he know more than he's letting on, or just an innocent if somewhat quirky tenet? This is an entertaining mystery/noir, directed by Hugo Fregonese. 

Saturday at 9pm central/10 eastern right here in the Cinetarium and on the Necat Roku channel.

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