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Friday, February 17

This week's movie - Night Fright

This week's mad movie is another exercise in independent filmmaking, this time in 1968 in Dallas Texas with Night Fright from director James Sullivan. James had worked on low budget indy films before, on several Larry Buchanan films and as an editor on Manos the Hands of Fate (another Texas production). In his directorial debut he makes a good old fashioned creature feature about a government satellite that crash lands and brings back a vicious space monster that begins killing the teens in the small town of Satan's Hollow, TX. It's up to the town sheriff, played by John Agar, to stop it.

There's two main things going for this film: 1, plenty of monster time, and 2. John Agar. You can never go wrong with good ole John Agar. Unfortunately the film suffers from slow pacing, no doubt in an effort to get it to feature length. I still really like this one, and appreciate the independent film gusto to get out and make a monster movie. We need more of those nowadays!

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