Wednesday, April 15

Nashville Film Festival Horror Offerings 2015

The Nashville Film Festival
kicks off tomorrow, and this year there are some terrific horror entries! Here is a quick guide for those attending, with a horror pick a day to keep you fright fans happy! Each feature screens with one or more accompanying horror short films, too. This should be a lot of fun!

Enjoy, and see you there!!


Another - THURSDAY APRIL 16 - 9:30pm
Director: Jason Bognacki. USA. | A beautiful young woman is driven into a dark underworld of demonic possession, desire, and extreme indulgences when she learns she may be the devil’s kin. Southeast US Premiere.

Ladies of the House - FRIDAY APRIL 17 - 10pm
Director: John Stuart Wildman. USA. | A birthday outing with two brothers and a friend turns into a horrific fight for survival after they become trapped in a house with a “family” of malevolent women.

Cub - SATURDAY APRIL 18 - 10pm
Director: Jonas Govaerts. Belgium. | A troupe of young Cub Scouts find themselves stalked by a psychopathic huntsman who has riddled the forest with ingenious and deadly traps. 

Sufferland - SUNDAY APRIL 19 - 9:30pm
Director: Linear Downfall. USA. | A walk through the many compartmentalized landscapes in the mind of a tormented girl who is under the control of a tormented man. World Premiere.

They Look Like People - MONDAY APRIL 20 - 9:30pm
Director: Perry Blackshear. USA. | Suspecting that those around him are actually malevolent shape-shifters, a troubled man questions whether to protect his only friend from an impending war, or from himself. Southeast US Premiere.

Felt - TUESDAY APRIL 21 - 10pm
Director: Jason Banker. USA. | A woman creates an alter ego in hopes of overcoming the trauma inflicted by men in her life.

Horsehead - WEDNESDAY APRIL 22 - 10pm
Director: Romain Basset. France. | A young woman plagued by nightmares studies lucid dreaming techniques to find the source of her horrifying visions.

Alléluia - THURSDAY APRIL 23 - 9:30pm
Director: Frabrice Du Welz. Belgium. | French fear jockey Fabrice Du Welz (Calvaire, Vinyan) returns with this tale of star-crossed romance and straight-up carnage, based on the true story of 1960s “Lonely Hearts Killers” Martha Beck and Ray Fernandez. 


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