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Wednesday, April 15


I got a chance to screen the 2014 horror film ANOTHER recently, which makes its Southeast premiere tomorrow night (4-16-15) at the Nashville International Film Festival.

Part coming-of-age story, part demonic possession, think Carrie and The Omen smashed together with a dash of Argento for flavoring. Dark, dreamy, atmospheric and scary in all the right ways, Another is definitely one worth catching on the big screen. Nancy Wolfe is especially good as Aunt Ruth, the creepy guardian of Jordyn (Paulie Redding), who is slowly pulled into a satanic nightmare, where dreams and reality collide as Jordyn discovers the dark secret of her past.

Director:Jason Bognacki
Cast:Paulie Rojas
Nancy Wolfe
David Landry
Maria Olsen
Lillian Pennypacker
Producer:Aline Bognacki
Screenwriter:Jason Bognacki
Cinematographer:Jason Bognacki
Music:Fulton Dingley

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