Tuesday, January 22

Dr. Gangrene nominated for 2 Rondo Awards!

The Rondo Awards for 2007 have been announced, and I'm proud to announce Dr. Gangrene and the crew of Creature Feature have been nominated for two awards: Best Fan Event, for the live show at Wonderfest last year, and in a brand new category, Best Horror Host!

The Rondo Awards are a yearly award recognizing excellence in the field of horror. The voting is online and done entirely by fans. The website for the Rondo Awards is: http://www.rondoaward.com/

In honor of the Rondos I'll be spending the week talking a bit about the awards, their origins, and my personal take on various topics.

Make a point to go by rondoaward.com and cast your vote for the best of 2007. There are a ton of great categories including movie of the year, best magazine, best website, and many more! It really is fun and you can vote in as many or few categories as you like.

So spread the word, and here's to the Rondos! Long Live the Rondos!!

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