Saturday, November 7

200th blog!

So here it is one week removed from Halloween and the 200th post on this blog.

That is a milestone for me - I haven't been that regular of a blogger, instead just writing as the fancy strikes, and this is the second time I've started this blog. Its had a few changes throughout the past 3 years, and has been a cool place to announce news and share my thoughts. My thanks to those of you who visit here regularly. I do hope to continue writing here more frequently over the next year or so.

So anyway, this is post #200 - in honor of the event, I want to pay tribute to someone else celebrating the number 200 this year - Edgar Allen Poe. This was the 200th anniversary of Poe this year. To find out about all things Poe related, visit the Edgar Allen Poe 200 Project at:
and here's to the next 200 posts on this site!!

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