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Friday, September 10

Birthday poem

I celebrated my birthday last night, and have to say thanks to all my friends who sent birthday greetings and well wishes. You guys blew me away and really made my day. Have to share this ultra cool poem that Time Lucas of Video Watchdog fame wrote and posted on my FB page. Pretty cool - Thanks Tim, and look forward to seeing you and Donna sometime soon, hopefully...

He brings classics of horror to our TV screen
This demented man of science named Dr. Gangrene!
Zombies, severed heads, werewolves and more
Served up with dollops of black and white gore,
And on his days off, he rocks out with a band
...That goes by the dreaded name of Spookhand!
Our appetites for horror he'll always slake
So I'm wishing him candles and a red velvet cake!

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