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Saturday, September 11

Bride of Frankenstein 75th Anniversary

Universal Studios has inexplicably decided that the 75th anniversary of one of their greatest films, THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, shall go uncelebrated. This is a major shame. I know there are lots of fans of this film who would love to see a proper DVD release of this, remastered with lots of extras, commentaries and new specials.

Well my buddy Scott Essman, who just so happens to work at Universal, actually, is a fervent fan or monster movies, and in particular those classics of the Universal monster era. He took it upon himself to put together a really nice tribute to the Bride and a nice article. He sent it to me and I asked if i could pass it along here, because it is really well done. Enjoy!

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1 comment:

  1. Wow, that's a fantastic bit of work, and a fitting tribute to this great film...kudos to Mr. Essman...