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Thursday, October 23

12 Hours of Terror Coming Back to the Belcourt!

Calling all Creeps!

This Saturday, October 25th, the historic Belcourt Theater in Nashville TN will be hosting a 12-hour movie marathon of fright flicks that starts at 10pm Saturday and runs non-stop until 10am Sunday morning!

SO just what films will they be showing? Well, the event opens with the awesome SHAUN OF THE DEAD and closes with the Dario Argento film UNSANE (Tenebrea). In between is a calvacade of mystery movies. But here's a few hints:

10:00pm: We start with the beloved SHAUN OF THE DEAD, the madcap adventures of a man who has to get his life together in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

Midnight: A special secret screening of an upcoming horror film that has been messing with festival goers' minds and making children's birthday party planners very, very nervous.

1:55am: The adage goes that possession is 9/10 of the law, but this film would beg to differ—with steel, savagery, and violence.

3:45am: This import shocker will ruin Mother's Day and Christmas for you, not to mention reevaluate the lethal potential of your hobbies.

5:15am: It's always a good time for a Battle of the Bands! Let's hope the winners survive.

6:50am: Do you feel that peaceful mountain air? The acrid iron tang of freshly spilled blood? The breezy rush of unspeakable secrets being revealed?

8:30am: We finish with the Maestro himself, Dario Argento's UNSANE. Because everybody knows a successful book tour needs psychosexual confusion, magnificent tracking shots, and the many shades of murder to be truly memorable...

So join us at the Belcourt, if you dare! I will be there all night and will be introducing the first film, Shaun of the Dead. This is one event fright fans will NOT want to miss!!

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