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Tuesday, October 21

Nashville Nightmare - Horror High

Happy Halloween Fright Fans! I got a chance last night to go to a local haunted house, Nashville Nightmare. Widely recognized as one of the best haunts in the city, Nashville Nightmare was ranked in the top 30 haunts in the country by Haunted Attractions Magazine. Last year I got a chance to go through Nashville Nightmare, and this year I took the opportunity to go through a second haunt on the same premises, Horror High.

This one was themed like a disaster ridden, haunted high school full of gory scenes, creeping ghouls, and screaming students. There were no established Hollywood characters anywhere to be seen - no Freddy, Jason or Michael, which is totally refreshing. Instead we are treated to room after room of original frights. Very well done and a super cool theme. Definitely worth checking out - thanks for the tickets, Brad!

Nashville Nightmare is located at:
1016 Madison Square, Madison, TN 37115

Check it out!!


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