Monday, February 8

Dr. Gangrene's Tales from Parts Unknown

Greetings Fright Fans!

Wanted to take a minute to announce a new project I'm kicking off in just a couple of weeks - DR. GANGRENE'S TALES FROM PARTS UNKNOWN, a collection of 14 stories of the weird, strange, and macabre, all written by the good doctor's alter-ego, Larry Underwood. The stories range in theme from the Weird Wild West to the far-flung future, and everything in-between, and are all introduced by Dr. Gangrene.

The book features a cover by Rondo Award Hall of Fame artist Dennis Vincent, and interior illustrations by Rondo Award winning artist William C. Cope.

Watch for more details coming soon. Debuting February 22nd.

Any bloggers or reviewers would like an early copy for review, contact the doc at

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