Thursday, April 24

Trailer Park of Terror!!

I made it out to last night's showing of Trailer Park of Terror and had a blast. I definitely picked the right night to see this movie, as Director Steven Goldmann was on hand to do a Q&A with the audience after the film. Also in attendance were actors Myk Watford and country singer Trace Atkins, who has a part in this film, and music producer Alan Brewer, all of whom also took part in the Q&A.

I was very happy to see a legitimate horror movie in the Nashville Film Festival. Trailer Park of Terror is based on a comic book mini series of the same name. It's a fun storyline which, while slightly predictible, is still highly entertaining. The movie has a real rock n' roll vibe to it, which is likely a result of Goldmann's previous experience directing music videos. It's fast paced and has a great dark sense of humor throughout, which can be a tricky balancing act to pull off, but Goldmann pulls it off nicely.

**Warning - Spoilers ahead**

The character of Roach, played by actor Myk Watford, is one of the highlights of the movie. He's an undead rockabilly guitar slingin' flesh eatin' sonofabitch - a character you just gotta love!

Actually, I found all of the undead to be better fleshed out and developed than the human characters in this movie. Nichole Hiltz in particular really does a terrific job as Norma the trailer park queen. They're a fun bunch of ghouls. It was also neat seeing Trace Atkins in the movie, and he did a good job. He's a big guy in person - I am 6'5 and he's every bit as tall as me, and has about 30 pounds on me, too.

The makeup and special effects are top notch - really great gore effects in this film. I hope Trailer Park gets the attention it deserves as it's a really fun ride - why there's even a pair of horror hosts at the beginning of the film to kick things off southern style! The print we saw was a rough cut, as they had rushed to finish it for the festival circuit. There are still some effects and cgi work to be added. I look forward to seeing this again in it's completed form.

There's only one thing that would have made this better, and I almost asked Steven about this in the Q&A but decided not to. Everyone knows trailer parks are a magnet for tornadoes - if the park had been whisked away by an approaching supernatural twister at the end that would have been the perfect icing on this gory cake!

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