Thursday, December 2

Shirley Corrigan talks about Paul Naschy

I contacted Shirley Corrigan, Paul Naschy's leading lady in DR. JEKYLL AND THE WEREWOLF and asked a few questions about Paul Naschy and shooting that film. In particular, I asked if she knew of Naschy before shooting this film, and about that freezing cold room where they shot an interior scene that was so cold you could see the actors' breath in the film! Here is what she had to say...

Dear Larry,
The Serra Navado is a high range of mountains that lie outside Madrid. It was winter and very, very cold indeed... miserable.
I had never worked with Paul Naschy (before). On and off the set he sadly had no personality at all, he never spoke to me. I never saw him talking or walking around where we were shooting... most strange. I've never had this experience before, ever. He was pleasant, that is all I can say, professional. I am just pleased he did not flirt with me. Very strange indeed, I just never saw him. I think the part was quite challenging.

Sounds to me like Naschy was a bit stand-offish, but still friendly when working together. In my opinion he was probably just very focused on his work, all business. As she says, he was professional, and pleasant. He also was a family man, so the fact he didn't hit on her is good news. Interesting peek into Naschy circa 1972, on the set of Dr. Jekyll and the Werewolf.

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