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Tuesday, November 27

Munchkins Star on Hollywood walk of "Fame"

Well, it's official. The munchkins have a star in Hollywood. Boy, the whole Hollywood star thing has been devalued more than the nobel peace prize!

I guess I shouldn't be surprised - this has been going on for years. It seems that just about anyone who raises enough cash can buy a star nowadays - but at least the stars used to be for real actors/directors/industry people. Now they give them to fictitious characters such as Woody Woodpecker, Mickey Mouse, and the MUNCHKINS.

Are you kidding? The Munchkins? They really will give a star to anyone now. They were bit players in a movie that too place 68 years ago. Not even main characters, just bit players.

Now I have to admit, I have a bit of a personal gripe here. Jerry Maren refused to do an interview with me once. For those who don't know who Jerry is, he was one of the munchkins in The Wizard of Oz. I have to admit, I got quite a laugh out of it! Here he was, making an appearance at a shopping mall in Nashville, TN, being ignored by pratically everyone there, and I walk up to ask him to do an interview and he refuses because he's too big of a "star." Asked to see my press credentials. What? You should be happy anyone knows or cares who you are, Jerry!

I was looking through Jerry's IMDB page today - he claims he was in the original Planet of the Apes. It is "unconfirmed" though. No doubt. You know, I would have been happy to interview and give press to Jerry, before he showed his ass. Afterwards I told that story to various people and was razzed by my friends for years - you got brushed off by the MUNCHKIN!

It is pretty funny, though.

So you go Jerry. You proved what a big star you are afterwards, I guess! Congratulations.

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