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Saturday, November 17

Horror Movies Abound

Seems almost every other movie nowadays is a horror title, which I have to say I am quite happy about. I remember the drought of horror films in the early 90s where it almost seemed the genre was dying.

I received a press release the other day about P2. I have to admit I'd seen the previews on TV but wasn't too sure about it. Here is the setup:

It's Christmas Eve. Angela Bridges (Rachel Nichols- “Alias”), an ambitious young executive, works late before she leaves for her family's holiday party. When she gets down to the parking garage, she discovers that her car won't start. The garage is deserted and her cell phone doesn't get a signal underground. When Thomas (Wes Bentley- AMERICAN BEAUTY), a friendly security guard, comes along and offers to help, Angela nervously accepts his gesture of good will. Soon after a failed attempt to start her car, he invites her to stay and share a small Christmas dinner he's preparing in the parking office, but she laughs it off. Angela doesn't realize this is no laughing matter – Thomas has been watching her closely...for months. His dinner invitation is not optional. If Angela wants to live to see Christmas morning, she must find a way to escape from level P2 of the parking garage.

Will be interesting to see if this movie does well. It has some stiff competition with the Christmas season coming up. The fact it's a Christmas themed film had to play into the release date. This film will probably play well with the younger audience, which is the target audience, I'd think. Interesting how every film has to write in an excuse for why cell phones won't work. Sign of the times, eh?

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