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Monday, May 14

Classic Memphis Horror Host, SIVAD!

Fantastic Feature
September, 1962 -
February 5, 1972
Channel 13, WHBQ
Watson Davis

Memphis Tennessee had more frightening figures in it's local legend than just a certain white leather clad rock musician fond of a certain soft blue pair of shoes - in the sixties and early seventies the Memphis airwaves were ruled by Sivad and his program, Fantastic Features!
Sivad was played by Watson Davis, who got his host name by spelling Davis backward. One of the most popular local performers of his day, Sivad hosted two shows a week and appeared live at almost every type event imaginable - From county fairs to city parades, Sivad was there to spread ghoulish cheer and meet his adoring fans. Sivad, "Your Monster of Ceremonies, " was always dressed in undertaker garb with black cape and top hat, wearing heavy vampirish makeup and fake looking fangs.

(mask of Sivad available through fan club - thanks to
Egor's Chamber of Horror Hosts for this pic)

Fantastic Features originally aired at 6pm, but later moved to 10:30, and a second show later was added at 11:30 on Saturdays.

click HERE to read a GREAT article by Harris Lentz for fantastic Features.
Sivad also recorded a 45 record called Sivad Buries Rock and Roll.

 The tracks on this record were:

(right click to download songs - special thanks to www.horrorhostgraveyard.com for posting these tracks)

Below is an article that ran in a Memphis newspaper about a possible Sivad return to hosting which, unfortunately, didn't work out.

  click to enlarge

 Vincent Price and Watson Davis

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