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Wednesday, May 2

Sir Cecil Creape - 1970s Nashville Horror Host

Sir Cecil Creape
a.k.a. The Phantom of the Opry

Before starting his own venture into horror hosting Dr. Gangrene joined Sir Cecil's Ghoul Patrol, in 1974 in the Boy Scouts. It was part of his uniform then, and it is part of his uniform once again, on the mad doctor's lab coat!!

"Did Someone Call?"
Nashville's best known horror host,
Sir Cecil Creape, terrorized the
Nashville airwaves throughout the
early 70's and 80's.

SIR CECIL CREAPE, aka THE PHANTOM OF THE OPRY was played by Russ McCown, and was perhaps Nashville's best known horror host. His show originated on WSMV, channel 4 Nashville, and was called Creature Feature. It aired on Saturday evenings, at 10:30pm and ran from 1971-1973. During that time Sir Cecil hosted a bevy of movies and always had lots of skits in between breaks. The set was a dungeon, with stone walls and fireplace which always had a picture of Floyd Kephart, local political analyst, on it.

In the 1980s Russ revived the character of Sir Cecil on a national stage on TNN, The Nashville Network, on cable TV. TNN would eventually become SpikeTV.

Sir Cecil Creape quick facts:

Creature Feature
Saturday, 10:30 p.m.
WSM-TV, Channel 4 (Nashville, Tennessee)
September 1971 - 1973

The Phantom of the Opry
?day afternoon
The Nashville Network (cable TNN)
(Nashville, Tennessee)
1983 - 1985


This is a picture of Sir Cecil that ran in the Showcase, the entertainment section of the Tennessean newspaper. The main picture is of Sir Cecil, and in the bottom corner is Russ McCown out of makeup.

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Outre Magazine article on Sir Cecil Creape,
written by Chiller Cinema producer Larry Underwood
 "Good Night, Sleep Tight, and Don't Let the Beddie Bugs Bite!"

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