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Monday, May 7

The Count of Five - 1970s Nashville Horror Host

The Count of Five

Suspense Theater - Bob McGehee
Nashville, TN 1977-1982

Haunting the airwaves in the late seventies was Suspense Theater, hosted by The Count of Five. The Count was, of course, a vampire, and he appeared, appropriately enough, on WTVF Ch5. He was played by Bob McGehee, who worked at the station at the time. He had a co-host named Goro, who was a shirt-less monster, played by Stan Hunter. The two would do bits in breaks between the movie they would show, usually either a horror show or a suspense movie of some type, such as Sherlock Holmes.

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  1. Bob AKA The Count was a huge reason that I love horror and scary stories today. I write under the name Steve E. Asher. The Count of Five pushed me to embrace the unusual.