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Saturday, February 16

New Free Kindle short story by Dr. Gangrene

My latest short story is now available for free on Kindle for the next 4 days. It's called HICCUP and is available here:

"So let me get this straight," said Doug, firmly fixing Jefferson with the same gaze he usually gave his students just before springing an unexpected pop-quiz. "Your body has become a living time machine?”

Doug is a normal college professor dealing with the usual problems - lazy students, poor effort, and too much work. However his mundane routine is suddenly shattered when a friend from the past arrives unexpectedly with a tale too bizarre to believe. This is part of a series called Thirteen for 13 - thirteen short stories released during the year 2013, one a month.

 If you enjoy it be sure to leave me some feedback on Kindle. Thanks and enjoy!!
~ Doc Gangrene

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