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Thursday, December 31

2015 Roundup & Reflection

As we rapidly approach last call for this year, I thought it the perfect time to look back and reflect on the year 2015. It was an interesting year, all things considered, and a very successful one for me, professionally-speaking...

During the last year I:

  • Was inducted into the HORROR HOST HALL OF FAME
  •  Won a RONDO AWARD for BEST BLOG (for this blog!)
  • Produced 29 episodes of THE FANTASTIC FILMS OF VINCENT PRICE
  •  Had 3 short stories published: Emby Press, Horrified Press, and Empire Comics Lab. Two others were accepted into anthologies but still await publication.
  • Wrote 4 Scary Monsters Magazine columns as well as a piece for the Body Count Zine.
  • Wrote 10 short film and two feature film scripts
  • Was a guest on 14 podcast shows
  • Produced 4 video segments for the STAY COOL GEEK podcast
  • Did a radio interview with NASHVILLE FILM RADIO
  • Hosted THE COMEDY OF TERRORS live at Wonderfest with special guests Sara Karloff and Victoria Price
  •  Hosted A NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST., THE GOONIES, & TAILYPO at the Franklin Drive-In
  • Hosted the 12th annual DR. GANGRENE'S HORROR HOOTENANNY
  • Wrote/Produced a short film based on an H.P. Lovecraft short story
  • Wrote 100 blog posts
  • Introduced TOURIST TRAP at the Belcourt Theater's all-night horror movie marathon
  • Made a number of live appearances around town for various events and fundraisers.

Thank you to everyone who voted for me in the Rondo Awards, and to the HORROR HOST HALL OF FAME for the induction. Those are both HUGE honors, and I'm truly grateful.

This was the first year I actually kept tally of my activities - I started keeping track somewhere around mid-year, and probably missed one or two things along the way. Seeing that list makes me realize that I kept busy, and that makes me proud. I like to stay busy. My goal is to top that list next year - but I'm not really sure if that's possible!

2015 was also a tough year, however, as a number of notable celebrities passed away, including:

Christopher Lee, Roddy Piper, Leonard Nimoy, Wes Craven, Robert Z'Dar, Gunnar Hansen, Terry Pratchett, James Best, Filthy Phil Taylor, and Lemmy...

Damn. That's a helluva list. Looking at all those names together, that would have made an awesome convention if they had all appeared together, wouldn't it? Lemmy's passing in particular really hit me hard. He is such an iconic figure, a true one of a kind rebel, a legendary figure the likes of which we'll never see again.

In 2011 I wrote the following review of the documentary LEMMY - I still find that documentary just as inspirational, and will miss that giant for some time to come. Hail Motorhead.

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