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Sunday, December 27

Dr. Gangrene Presents #10 - The Dark Room

Looking at this old episode of my program Dr. Gangrene Presents I was struck by just how pretty Cloris Leachman was in her younger days. This came from an episode of ONE STEP BEYOND from 1959 called The Dark Room, and features Cloris as an American photographer in Paris who hires a model with an interesting face to pose for her, who turns out to be a bit on the unusual - and supernatural, side.

Cloris was 33 at the time this was shot. Born in Des Moines, Iowa, on April 30, 1926, Cloris was a Miss America pageant entrant, competing as Miss Chicago. She has had a long career in Hollywood, and is still working to this day at age 89. Genre fans will remember her most notably as Frau Blucher in Mel Brooks' YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, with over 260 credits on IMDB in film and television. Here's to you, Miss Leachman, you've had quite the career!

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