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Tuesday, June 29

Horror Rock Pioneers – The Sonics

Continuing our study into the Pioneers of horror rock, next up we take a trip back in time to Tacoma Washington, 1960. There one of the most influential garage bands of all time formed – and this band definitely dabbled in the dark side. I’m talking about The Sonics.

The original band formed in 1960 and went through several lineup changes until lead singer Gerry Roslie joined the band in 1964. They recorded their first single, “The Witch,” in November of that year. It went on to be a huge hit locally, climbing all the way to number 2 on the local charts.

The great thing about the Sonics was their originality. They were definitely bucking the trend – remember, the late 60s was the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Yuch. Psychedelica ruled, and hippies abounded. The Beatles and Beach Boys were cranking out hits. But here was this group of rockers pounding out anything but hippy jams – they were punk rock, baby, before punk rock even existed. They played loud, rude, wild tunes that talked about the devil, psychos, witches and drinking strychnine.

The Sonics influenced everyone from The Cramps to The White Stripes and tons of bands in-between, including almost every punk band ever formed. Many of these bands covered Sonics songs.

The Sonics were true pioneers of garage rock, punk, and horror rock.
Here’s to the Sonics…

Some folks like water

Some folks like wine
But I like the taste

of straight Strychnine

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