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Friday, February 4

In looking through John Agar's credits on IMDB I kept noticing one other name in several of the films he made - Nestor Paiva. Nestor played Captain Lucas in both Creature from the Black Lagoon and the sequel, Revenge of the Creature.

But Nestor and Agar also appeared together in the Universal classics Tarantula and The Mole People. I decided to check to see if they had done any other work together, and found that they appeared together in a total of 13 TV shows too. The two were undoubtedly well acquainted, and most likely friends, despite the fact Nestor was 16 years John's senior.

The following is a list of the movies and TV shows where they appeared together, in chronological order. Oh, and one other thing about Nestor that jumped out at me - he died on my exact birthday, Sept. 9. 1966. Kinda strange...

Agar and Paiva Collaborations...

Revenge of the Creature - 1955
Tarantula - 1955
The Mole People - 1956

The Ford Television Theatre 1952
Death Valley Days 1952
The Unexpected 1952
G.E. True Theater 1953
The Loretta Young Show 1953
Climax! 1954
The Gale Storm Show 1956
Perry Mason 1957
Whirlybirds 1957
Lawman 1958
Rawhide 1959
The Virginian 1962
Family Affair 1966


  1. Ah, I recently watched a Tarantula and Mole People combo DVD....
    They're bundled together on Netflix.

  2. Ah very nice! They're also both on the classic sci-fi ultimate collection dvd, along with The Monolith Monsters, The Incredible shrinking Man, and Monster on the Campus - making it perhaps the best dvd collection ever, in my opinion!