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Friday, August 12

Midnight Syndicate - Carnival Arcane

    Midnite Syndicate has released a new CD called Carnival Arcane. I got a copy this past weekend and can't stop liastening to it!  As with all of Midnight Syndicate’s CDs it is full of movie style dark music perfectly suited for Halloween, but this one is more thematic in nature, set in a twisted traveling attraction called the Lancaster Rigby Carnival. Carnivals are always a spooky setting for a movie, and that’s what this is – the audio equivalent of a movie. It contains 25 tracks, each based on a different element of the Carnival – The Midway, the Freakshow, Under the Big Top, Goons and Greasepaint, Madame Zora – I can just smell the mix of cotton candy and fear. Definitely a worthy addition to the Midnight Syndicate  oeuvre,  come take a trio to the big top – if you dare!

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  1. I have mine too!! I've been listening to it to work and back for days