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Friday, August 5

Vincentennial Post #43 - Hop Onboard the Time Express

After Vinnie married Coral Browne, they attempted a tv series together, an episodic fantasy called TIME EXPRESS in which characters were transported in time to relive an important event in their lives. The 1979 series, of which only 4 episodes were filmed, was never picked up. This is a publicity photo of Vinnie and Coral from that project from Robert Taylor's collection. Notice that at the time he autographed this, Price's handwriting was beginning to show the effects of the Parkinson's Disease which would plague him the rest of his life.

You know, I'm kind of surprised this wasn't picked up. It seems just like the type of program that aired in the 70s. Perhaps if it had run a few years earlier. Certainly it is no goofier than Fantasy Island or The Love Boat. Vincent played Jason Winters, the host The Time Express, a train that took various people back in time to get a second chance. His real life wife Coral Brown played his wife on the show, too, Margaret Winters. They were hosts of the train welcoming the passengers. James Reynolds played the conductor.

Four episodes were made:

"Garbage Man/Doctors Wife"

Aired: April 26, 1979

A man (Jerry Stiller) goes back to 1969 Cleveland to return $2 million he found; and a physician (James MacArthur) hopes to find his wife's brother who is needed for a life-saving transplant. Vincent Price, Coral Browne. Gloria: Anne Meara. Olivia: Pamela Toll. Engineer: William Phipps. Sister Juliana: Jan Clayton. Sister Allison: Gay Rowan.

"The Copy-Writer/The Figure Skater"
Aired: May 3, 1979

A copywriter (Richard Masur) and a figure skater (Terri Nunn) get second chances at romances that failed because of broken rendezvous. David: Lyle Waggoner. Jason: Vincent Price. Vanessa: Lee Meriwether. Margaret: Coral Browne. Michelle: Morgan Fairchild. R.J.: James Reynolds.

Aired May 10, 1979

A rodeo rider returns to the day he was injured when thrown from a horse, and a cop goes back to the scene where he was shot by a suspect. Roy: John Beck. John: Robert Hooks. Margaret: Coral Browne. Enright: Vic Tayback. Jason: Vincent Price.

"Death/The Boxer"
Aired: May 17, 1979

A man (Steve Kanaly) returns to the time when his girl friend was killed in a plane crash; and a boxer (Paul Sylvan) goes back to a championship fight that he threw. Lisa: Linda Scruggs Bogart. Elizabeth: Jaime Lyn Bauer. Max: George Murdock. Jason: Vincent Price. Margaret: Coral Browne.

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  1. There have been worse ideas for tv shows for sure. Too bad it didn't get picked up; it sounds vaguely My Name is Earl-ish ...