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Sunday, August 7

Vincentennial Post #44 - St. Vincent

Made by Gouda Pottery in the Netherlands, this old covered jar caught Vinnie's eye one day when he was out roaming through flea markets and antique shops--"St. Vincent"!--how could he possible let this pass him by?  So he grabbed it with no hesitation.  The lid was broken and has been glued (Price's daughter Victoria has told me that Vinnie never let a broken item deter him from displaying it--he was a firm believer in good glue!), but the beauty of the blue and white pottery--with his name emblazoned on it--tickled Vinnie's fancy and he displayed it for many years on a bookshelf in his home. From the collection of Robert Taylor.

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  1. Had no idea Vincent was a peruser of flea markets - now we have something in common!