Sunday, August 14

Vincentennial Post #53 - Yale University bulletin

 I am very happy to be able to share some of Robert Taylor's wonderful Vincent Price collection with you here. Tonight I have a page from a Yale Bulletin talking about Vincent - and a fun little story about his name from Robert...

Robert - Here's an entry from a Yale bulletin in the early '30s.  I spoke to one of his great-nieces in St. Louis in April, and she was amused at my referring to him as "Vinnie" (as I spell it), as the family always referred to him by the nickname "Bink", and he was always, to her, "Uncle Bink"!  I told her that he'd also been called Vinnie by many, many folks--particularly old Hollywood friends, but look here--he was even called "Vinny" back when he was a 'teenager!

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