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Tuesday, April 24

El Retorno del Hootenanny Horror

Thinking ahead a good bit here toward this year's Horror Hootenanny - we have a date booked - Friday October 13, 2012. I posted the list of bands below on the Horror Hoot facebook page yesterday. Quite the rockin group of bands we've had so far - who will be the headliner this year? Stay tuned to find out - who would YOU like to see play the hoot this year?

2004 - Psychocharger, The Creeping Cruds, Monster Zero, The Exotic Ones

2005 - All American Werewolves, The Creeping Cruds, The Codenames, The Exotic Ones
2006 - Psychocharger, The Creeping Cruds, The Lava Men, Cretin Grims
2007 - Psychocharger, The Creeping Cruds, Butcher Priest, Radio Death Wave
2008 - Daikaiju, The Creeping Cruds, The Coffin Bury's, The Exotic Ones
2009 - Psychocharger, The Mighty Shrill, The Creeping Cruds, Spookhand, Radio Death Wave
2010 - Psychocharger, The Creeping Cruds, Spookhand, Alucard
2011 - Dead Dick Hammer, The Creeping Cruds, Spookhand, Alucard

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