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Tuesday, August 4

The Fantastic Films of Vincent Price #42 - The Tingler

Episode #42 - THE TINGLER. Price plays pathologist William Chapin, who discovers that in extreme cases a person's fear becomes so great it can manifest itself as a physical force and kill ya!

Directed by William Castle, its one of Price's best.

In this episode Dr. Gangrene takes a look at the 1959 film The Tingler. Directed by master showman William Castle, The Tingler stars Vincent Price as Dr. William Chapin, a pathologist who discovers a strange force that exists within each of us that he names The Tingler. He theorizes that when a person experiences a shock great enough, the fear can manifest itself as a physical force great enough to kill them. He finds proof of it in the form of a centipede-like creature that grows along one's spine, producing that tingling sensation experienced when afraid. He befriends the owners of a silent movie theater, one of whom is a deaf-mute and unable to scream - and finds out his theory is true.

About this series: Dr. Gangrene, Physician of Fright and Award-winning Nashville-based TV Horror Host, explores the films of the merchant of menace, Vincent Price, in chronological order from first to last, approaching them from a scholarly perspective, offering commentary, review and criticism.

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