Friday, May 1

The Fantastic Films of Vincent Price #32 - The Mad Magician

In this episode of The Fantastic Films of Vincent Price Dr. Gangrene takes a look at the 1954 3D film, THE MAD MAGICIAN, an underrated little gem.

Price plays Don Gallico, a would-be stage magician who has his first performance interrupted by his boss, Mr. Ormond. Gallico is a prop designer in his day job, and his contract states any devices created by Gallico are property of Ormond, including his newest and grandest trick, The Lady and the Buzzsaw. Seems Ormond also stole Gallico's wife, and in a fit of rage Gallico tries out the buzzsaw on his boss - permanently. Gallico goes on a murderous rampage, off ing those who have wronged him…

About this series:
Dr. Gangrene, Physician of Fright and Award-winning Nashville-based TV Horror Host (aka writer/film historian Larry Underwood) explores the films of the merchant of menace, Vincent Price, in chronological order from first to last, approaching them from a scholarly perspective, offering commentary, review and criticism.

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