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Monday, May 18

Scary Monsters Magazine #96 - Frank Dietz Interview

For my column for Issue #96 of Scary Monsters Magazine, it was my pleasure to welcome my good friend Frank Dietz into the lab for a chat.

I've known Frank since sometime in the early 2000s, and probably first met him at a Wonderfest convention in Louisville - although it might have been at Monster Bash in Pittsburgh. Monster memory is hazy, but it's always great to get the chance to hang out at shows when opportunity permits. I began hosting an annual live event at Wonderfest shortly thereafter, and it became tradition to involve Frank - at first he generously offered to donate artwork to give away to the crowd, and later he even took part in the fun, hopping onstage with myself, Bob Burns, Nurse Moan-eek, John Goodwin, Beau Kaelin, Ethan Black, and others. Always a fun time.

The clip below is from one of the Live Shows, 2007 - where we showed The Monster on the Campus. Frank came onstage as Dr. Clete Ferguson, a scientist from the Oceanic Institute, to help me study, and dissect, the coelacanth we discovered. Fun stuff.

Also present in the experiment were Bob Burns, John Goodwin, Nurse Moan-eek as well as the band The Exotic Ones (The coelacanth was built by Ethan Black).

The Scary Monsters Interview is posted below. Click the pages to enlarge and read. To find out more about Frank visit: www.sketchythingsart.com

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